The anti-ultraviolet door curtains
The anti-ultraviolet door curtains

1.Brief Introduction

The anti-ultraviolet door curtains effectively keep ultraviolet radiation from entering and protect people°Įs health. They are mainly used for workshops with ultraviolet emitting source and other places that require protection against ultraviolet radiation.

2. Specification

Door Curtain Color Size Temp
The anti-ultraviolet Black(opaque)
blue(clear, translucence)
yellow(clear, translucence)
red(clear, translucence, opaque)
milk white(opaque), clear.
Single Ribbed only available for size 2.0mm*200mm;
Smooth,Double Ribbed all available
-40°ś -- +80°ś

3.Technical information for PVC strip curtain

Item Unit Index
Light Transmittance %(thickness 2.5mm) °› 80
Tensile Strength Mpa °› 20
Elongation at Break % °› 200
Heat Treatment Dimension Change %(80°ś 12 hours) Crosswise°‹1.2    Lengthwise°‹2.0
Bending Property under Low Temperature ®M No arcing under -20°ś
Withstanding Voltage ®M No arcing over under     10KV min
Environmently-friendly PVC Curtain is available
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