The air permeable door curtains
The air permeable door curtains

1. Brief Introduction

The air permeable door curtains are suitable for use in supermarkets, textile and garment industries, hospitals, schools, etc., stopping mosquitoes and flies frome entering while ensuring good ventilation.

2. Specification

Door Curtain Color Size Temp
The air permeable Black(opaque)
blue(clear, translucence)
yellow(clear, translucence)
red(clear, translucence, opaque)
milk white(opaque)
Reseau, club available
-40°ś -- +80°ś

3.Technical information for PVC strip curtain

Item Unit Index
Light Transmittance %(thickness 2.5mm) °› 80
Tensile Strength Mpa °› 20
Elongation at Break % °› 200
Heat Treatment Dimension Change %(80°ś 12 hours) Crosswise°‹1.2    Lengthwise°‹2.0
Bending Property under Low Temperature ®M No arcing under -20°ś
Withstanding Voltage ®M No arcing over under     10KV min
Environmently-friendly PVC Curtain is available
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